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Saturday - December 10, 2016
December 10th, 2016 Holiday Party


Y ou and your significant other are invited to join
Henry Jurgens and Laura Hines-Jurgens for a

On Saturday, December 10th, 2016, from 4 to 8 pm
     There will be many assorted offerings of delicious Holiday food at the Party, but feel free to please bring a side dish and a favorite beverage or something to share if you wish. The festivities will include the celebratory customs of: EATING, DRINKING, LAUGHING, TALKING, SINGING...
     Please bring a side dish and your favorite beverage. Henry and Laura will cook a turkey, and Provide the Dessert. Sparkling water and eggnog will be available.


Note: This is a private event for SWM Members and Friends of Laura only!
For this reason, the address and directions will only be available by calling Laura at: 310-544-2424


Saturday - November 12, 2016

 ALIGN=      Mel Gilden
"Words Are My Business. "

Mel Gilden M el Gilden is the author of many stories and more than 40 published books for children and adults, both originals and adaptations of licensed properties, some of which received rave reviews in such places as School Library Journal and Booklist. His multi-part stories for children appeared frequently in the Los Angeles Times. His popular novels and short stories for grown-ups have also received good reviews in the Washington Post and he was the Winner of the prestigious Selezione Bancarellino award for children's fiction...

     (See new publications under his name at the Kindle Store of

     He has scripted over 100 original episodes of television drama and comedy and is a writer of books based on video games.
     His licensed properties include adaptations of feature films, and of TV shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210; and NASCAR Racers. He has also written original stories based in the Star Trek universe. His short stories have appeared in many original and reprint anthologies.
     He has written cartoons for TV, has developed new shows, and was assistant story editor for the DIC television production of The Real Ghostbusters. He consulted at Disney and Universal, helping develop theme park attractions. Gilden spent five years as co-host of the science-fiction interview show, Hour-25, on KPFK radio in Los Angeles.
     He is a member of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Mystery Writers of America and PEN.
     To demonstrate that he remains a force for good in our time, Gilden lectures to school and library groups, and has been known to teach fiction writing. He has a tidbit of Ray Bradbury lore, which, if we torture him enough, he might be willing to impart. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where the debris meets the sea, and still hopes to be an astronaut when he grows up.

This meeting of the SOUTHWEST MANUSCRIPTERS, a Writers Club, ongoing since 1949, will be open to the public and shall be on: Saturday, November 12th, 2016 at 2-4:00pm, in the Community Room on the 3rd Floor of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Library, 701 Silver Spur Road, in Rolling Hills Estates
Contact Carol at: (310) 676-7494 or for further information.


Saturday - October 1, 2016

 ALIGN= - Bonny and Alan Cook

"Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
and Living to Write About It "

Bonny and Alan Cook B onny Robinson Cook went from being a school teacher to a vice president of Xerox in the days when this sort of advancement for women was still extremely unusual. She and her husband, Alan Cook, recently collaborated on writing her memoir, Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling, Traveling the World, and Other Adventures.

     Bonny and Alan will give a presentation at the Palos Verdes Main Library on Saturday, October 1st at 2 p.m. on how Bonny broke through the glass ceiling. They will speak from two different perspectives.

Breaking Through      Bonny will tell about her rise through the ranks. She has plenty of exciting (and sometimes scary) war stories to tell, and will offer tips on how to succeed in the working world. This advice is useful to anyone who has to work for a living, and especially young women.

     Alan will talk about how to actually write a family memoir and not just talk about it: ďSomeday we should put something together.Ē Heíll concentrate on the practical aspects of writing and publishing, including who should do what in a collaboration.

     This Meeting will be on: Saturday, Oct. 1st, at 2pm in the Community Room of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Library, 701 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates.

     This meeting is on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 at 2pm, come early for networking.



Saturday - September 10, 2016

 ALIGN= - John DeChancie

"I Write Genre Fiction But Want to Be a Real Writer Someday."

John DeChancie
    He deals with the question of why anyone would want to write genre fiction of any kind, as opposed to mainstream. The readership is limited, the pay, in most cases, is not great. So why write it? He will take the audience on a personal journey through this decision-making experience..
John DeChancie
is the author of over two dozen books, fiction and nonfiction, and has written for magazines, newspapers, and fiction anthologies. His novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres have been attracting a wide readership for more than twenty years, and over a million copies of his books have seen print. Thirteen of his titles are in print in Russian translation alone. John studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, and went on to work in public television, at times acting as a technical consultant to PBS network shows such as Mister Rogerís Neighborhood. After five years in TV, John produced and directed educational films. Many of his short films have been used as teaching adjuncts around the country. His distributor was the famed Pyramid Films. John made and took part in the making of innumerable short educational and industrial productions. Some titles: the Lightning-rod Man, Birdhouse, and the Commercial Artist. Switching careers again, John began to write fiction and achieved success very quickly, supporting his family on his writing alone. When his children grew up, he moved to southern California, where he has been ever since.
     The Castle Perilous Series has 9 books out so far. His Far Cries is a collection of 22 "short fiction" stories, mostly science fiction, fantasy, horror or weird tales. He did research on Pluto at APL, at John Hopkins University for a book called Skyway Trilogy. Also writes poetry and did a Sestina poem to honor Robert Heinlein.
     Johnís first work was Starrigger (Berkley/Ace,1984), followed by Red Limit Freeway (1985) and Paradox Alley (1987), completing the Skyway Trilogy, one of the most imaginative, mind-expanding series in science fiction. Beloved of SF readers around the world, the trilogy has become a cult classic. Log onto and read the four-star Readerís Reviews. It is no exaggeration to say that the trilogy has found a place in the hearts of readers along with the works of Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke. Jerry Pournelle, co-author with Larry Niven of the classics The Mote in Godís Eye and Luciferís Hammer, has compared the series to the best of A. E. van Vogt, and better written. The convoluted plot takes the reader on a mind-bending journey to the end of the universe and back.      Paradox Alley is the thrilling and long-awaited finale of John DeChancieís Starrigger series.

     This Meeting will be on: Saturday, Sept. 10th, at 3pm in the Community Room of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Library, 701 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates.

     This meeting is on Saturday, Sept 10, 2016 at 3pm, come early for networking.



Saturday - August 27, 2016
- SWM Club Picnic -

The Southwest Manuscripters Club Picnic will be on Saturday August 27th, from 2 to 6pm. at Judy Sunderland's house, in Torrance.
     You ARE the programme, there will be Showcase readings by members, presented and moderated by our own President,Carol Sperling.
     You may bring books to exchange or sell. . It is, as usual, potluck, bring something to share. Alcohol is welcomed, as well. Youngsters, who are not paid members, are not invited, as the home is not set up for entertaining children. Contact Carol Sperling at (310) 676-7494 if you want to read something. Bring a lawn or camping chair, if you have it.
     Please! This event is only open to SWM Members and guests of Judy... However, if you wish to attend and are not a member, feel free to come and register/become a member at the event. (See Carol)
Please co-ordinate and RSVP to Judy at (310) 793-9093, but preferably by e-mail at

     This Picnic is on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 2pm, and is potluck.

  - Saturday - July 9, 2016
Paul S. Levine
"How Authors Go From Fingers to Keyboard
to Dollars in The Bank"

Paul S. Levine Literary Agent Paul S. Levine will discuss four ways that authors make money from book publishers, and also ways publishers try not to pay, or try to postpone paying for as long as possible, monies which authors are owed.
     Paul S. Levine "wears two hats"-he is a lawyer and a literary agent.
     Mr. Levine has practiced entertainment law for over 31 years, specializing in the representation of writers, producers, actors, directors, composers, musicians, artists, authors, photographers, galleries, publishers, developers, production companies and theatre companies in the fields of motion pictures, television, interactive multimedia, live stage, recorded music, concerts, the visual arts, publishing, and advertising.
     In 1996, Mr. Levine opened the Paul S. Levine Literary Agency, specializing in the representation of book authors and the sale of motion picture and television rights in and to books. Since starting his literary agency, Mr. Levine has sold over 100 fiction and non-fiction books to at least 30 different publishers and has had many books developed as movies-for-television and feature films.
     The fiction which Mr. Levine represents tends to be commercial-thrillers, mysteries, women's fiction, "soap opera" in the vein of Danielle Steele or Jackie Collins, and literary fiction. The non-fiction which he represents also tends to be commercial-self-help, how-to, relationships, memoirs, health, women's issues, pop culture, new age, and business. For both fiction and non-fiction books, his biggest successes have been with authors who originally self-publish their books and then wish to have their books republished by a major publishing house...

     This meeting is on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 2pm, come early for networking.



  - Saturday - June 4, 2016
"A Writer's Journey"
How he started writing, what he did, and how he settled on prose; concluding with how heís been adapting his earlier works to their current form as books.

Charles Lee Jackson, II CHARLES LEE JACKSON, II, is a Hollywood-based film scholar, cartoonist, and author, who has been recording the Amazing Adventures of his alter-ego The Emperor, and those of other adventurers, since 1966. A voracious reader by the age of five, he found himself longing for stories no one had written, and began to write them himself, first as cartoon strips, later as shooting scripts, eventually as prose.
     He spent several years working in and around the motion-picture business, before retiring to specialize in the written word. His work as a cartoonist has produced numerous strips and books, not only exciting adventures, but funny-animal comics as well, including his popular feature, ďThe Brontosaurus and the Toad.Ē As a motion-picture historian, specializing in the era of the double feature, Mr. Jackson is continuing his work on a definitive history of the cliffhanger serials, to share the voluminous knowledge he has accumulated in his studies of ephemeral cinema.
     He is currently editing and expanding material from his "Amazing Adventures" magazine (1991-2006) for digital and print publications, and preparing short e-book versions of his film-history articles, all of which are available from Amazon.

     This meeting is on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 2pm, come early for networking.



  - Saturday - May 7, 2016
Dan Lambert & Anhthao Bui

"Anhthao and Dan's Love Adventure:
Tales from a Writing Couple"

Dan and Anhthao "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." This is a line from a poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning for her husband, Robert Browning. Daniel E. Lambert read this poem aloud at his wedding to author and poet Anhthao Bui on July 31, 2015. What is it like to be married to a fellow writer? How difficult is it to work with a print-on-demand publisher such as AuthorHouse? Anhthao and Dan will answer these questions and many others when they speak to the Southwest Manuscripters on Saturday, May 7, 2016, from 2 to 4 pm.

     Read Anhthao Buiís poetry at:

     This meeting is on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 2pm, come early for networking.



  - Apr. 18, 2016
Beth Whittenbury
"How to Self-Publish a Book in 10 Easy Steps:
A Guide for Authors Who Want to Publish Their Books For Free"

Beth WhittenburyIf you ever wanted to get your book published but don't know how to begin, this is the talk for you. Don't want to have a garage full of books to sell? Don't want to spend money up front to see your publishing dream become reality? Then, come hear Beth Whittenbury describe how to easily publish for free through print on-demand providers. She will have her brand new book: How to Self-Publish a Book in 10 Easy Steps: A Guide for Authors Who Want to Publish Their Books For Free. If you want to buy and read her book in advance of the talk so that you can ask specific questions the book is available at or go to Amazon and search for Beth K. Whittenbury. Learn how to realize your publishing dreams today!

     Please catch some of her writing and marketing tips on her website blog at: