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The Southwest Manuscripters Meeting Location

The SWM regular meeting location is at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Center Library,
701 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates.

To get there, drive South on either Hawthorne Blvd. Or Crenshaw Blvd. From Torrance. From Hawthorne, turn left (East) on Silver Spur to 701. From Crenshaw, turn right (West) on Silver Spur to 701.
Try to park in either the inside lot on the second floor, by turning into the driveway on Silver Spur (1), or park on the roof lot by going around to Deep Valley Drive and turning into the driveway (2) onto the roof.


Second floor parking      If you decide to come in by entrance #1, the 2nd floor parking, the entrance looks like this from Silver Spur Road...      Go up the ramp and make a sharp left... Park in any "legal" zone.
     You will probably notice the Honor System Book Sale area in the back of the parking lot.

2nd Floor Door      After you park, the entrance door to the library is just to the side of the driveway entrance and looks like this.

Roof Driveway      If you want to park on the roof, entrance #2, drive around to Deep Valley Drive and drive up the ramp to the roof...

Entrance Door on Roof

     The entrance door from the roof is on the North-West side of the roof and looks like this:

Community Room Door      After coming in an entrance door, go to the elevator and take it to the third floor...
     When you get off on the third floor, the community room is on the left.  Here is what the door to the Community Room looks like.
     If you came early and wish to peruse the library, the main library entrance is to the right.

Book Sale

     During all the hours that the library is open, there is an "Honor System" Book Sale in the second floor parking lot...
     Whether you are a member or not, you are free to wander through the many piles, boxes and stacks of books put there by The Friends of the Library.
     If you wish to purchase any of these books, refer to the pricing guidelines posted and put the money in an envelope and push it under the door at the end of the short hallway to the left of the book sale.

     The library also has regular book sales throughout the year when they open the main collection room to the general public.