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Saturday, Jan. 6 th 2018 Guest Speaker - at 2pm in the Community Room on the 3rd Floor of the Palos Verdes Library, 701 Silver Spur Road, in Rolling Hills Estates.
Quiana Beco
Uplifting the Spirit in "Day To Day Dealings"
Quiana Beco Quiana Beco is a local writer of Poetry and Prose who specializes in lyrical, inspirational poetry. She is a new member of Southwest Manuscripters who did a reading at the Southwest Xmas party titled "In the middle of love," and will be reading two poems, parts one and two titled "But We're Sisters." Those two poems are in her poetry book titled "Day To Day Dealings."

You can find it on Amazon at:

     She was born and raised in Inglewood, California, graduating from Inglewood High School and later spending a few years living and experiencing life in New Orleans, LA. Quiana's poetry has been read and studied in an Elementary School in the year of 2017 and acknowledged and read to a church in New Orleans, Louisiana in the of 2017. Quiana's participated in the Palos Verdes library 2018 Anthology with 5 Prose poems.
     Quiana quickly found a wholehearted love for God and was baptized to the Christian faith. She loves music that touches the soul, especially connecting with rhythm and blues and reggae.
     Being the oldest of three kids, Quiana has listened to people's stories and their pain all her life. Within this book of poetry, she strives to inspire people of all ages, including what she loves most: freeing her mind by walking on the beach!

Day to Day Dealings      This book of poetry speaks about a broad range of topics and life in general; everyday events happen to people and their families. This book will allow you to read to a poem for comfort and knowing you aren't the only one who has experienced what you're going through. You will find quotes throughout the book in hopes to uplift one's spirit as well.

Note: This meeting of the SOUTHWEST MANUSCRIPTERS, will be on: Saturday, Jan. 6th, 2018 2-4:00pm, in the Community Room on the 3rd Floor of the PV Library, 701 Silver Spur Road, in Rolling Hills Estates. Try parking on the roof, as the 2nd floor parking is usually packed. Contact Carol at: (310) 676-7494 or for further information.


Don't forget! Non-Fiction Contest Entries are due by the March 3rd Meeting! - See Below...

Barbra Simpson, Contest Chair

Due to our annual Poetry Program, now occurring later in the year, we are changing the order of the contests around.

SWM Contest Rules
Edith Battles Nonfiction Article Contest
Deadline: March 3rd, 2018 SWM meeting.
Contest Chair: Barbra Simpson
(310) 376-8234

1. Contest is limited to SWM members only.
2. Four dollars non-refundable fee for each entry. Cash or check OK. One check can cover multiple entries. Make check payable to Southwest Manuscripters and bring to the meeting or send to the SWM Contest, 872 - Fifth Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
3. Maximum three entries per person. In keeping with the purpose of the SWM to encourage writers, especially new writers, only previously unpublished material is allowed. That means not seen in any medium (book, newsletter, magazine, newspaper, internet) with circulation of more than 200 readers. Rule of Thumb: If a judge may already have seen your entry, it is ineligible.
4. Print four (4) copies of your entries, one per each judge. Article entries must be double-spaced... but single-sided, with an easy-to-read typeface, and legible. If the entry can't be read, it can't be judged. [Note: Times-Roman or Courier 12 is standard.]
5. Note word count on page one (max 2,000). Do NOT put personal info on the pages.
6. Entrant's name may not appear anywhere on the entry. Put NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and TITLE of entry as you would like to see them on award on a 3x5 card. You may also indicate intended market (e.g., children's magazine, sci-fi magazine).
7. Although the contest has four judges, no judge is obliged to provide a written critique.
8. Awards will be presented at the SWM meeting in the month following the contest deadline. Winners of more than one top award will receive one certification for the highest scoring entry and honorable mention for any others. In case of a tie for a top award, each individual entrant will receive the same award.
9. Members who wish their entries to be published in The Write Stuff, may forward their entries, winning or not, after the contest, to Southwest Manuscripters, TWS Editor:

10. Entries that do not comply with the above rules will be rejected and the entry fee will be forfeit.
Give entries, checks and cards to the Contest Chair or mail them to: SWM Contest, 872 - Fifth Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 or bring to the Mar. 3rd, 2018 SWM Meeting (or before). Do NOT mail entries to the Editor or to the SWM P.O. Box.

Basically what the above is saying:
A) Submit 4 (four) copies of your work, without any personal info on the sheets, just the title.
B) At the same time, include a card or paper with title and your personal info.
C) Send them to or give to Barbra at the above address or at the next meeting along with your check or cash.
D) Pick up your award at the following meeting.