Don and Margaret Hardenbrook Don Hardenbrook was one of the founders of The Trained Cormorants in 1947, and along with his wife, Margaret, who was a Sherlockian artist in her own right, went on to head one of the oldest Sherlock Holmes Scion Societies in Southern California, if not of all times.

Don was published in The Baker Street Journal in July 1948 and many times thereafter. Don received his Investiture from the Baker Street Irregulars in 1955, and was for decades one of the shining lights among the west coast's Sherlockians.

Margaret had been confined to a wheelchair for many years. Don passed away on December 18, 2000 and the scion was held together by members Frank Messineo and Jim Coffin for many years thereafter.

Kevin Reed is now "The Ringleader" of the club and holds "irregular" regular meetings in and around the environs of Long Beach. The membership is limited and exclusive, but you can contact "The Ringleader" by E-Mail at:

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