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tart preparing your Sherlockian papers, poems, limericks or toasts for an evening of scholarship, humor and fun.
     Remember our theme is the pastiche, a work of visual art, literature or musicthat imitates the style or characterof the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in relation to Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Movies or TV shows about Sherlock Holmes, or the works of authors Laurie King, (Mary Russell Adventures), Steve Hockensmith's "Holmes on the Range," Nicholas Meyer's "7% Solution" etc. are all examples of a pastiche.
     Each monograph should not run more than eight minutes as a spoken presentation and may take the form of a poem, paper, toast or other literary creation.
     Whether you're an "old hat," or a first timer at monographs, the thing to remember is to have fun. This is the genesis of Sherlockian fellowship. It all started with tongue-in-cheek pseudo-scholarship, that ends with a group of like-minded individuals sharing their affection for Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Let your creative juices flow! There is a reason you got involved with Mr. Holmes and his world, just express it, humorous or scholarly, it's up to you.
     Prizes will be awarded for most humorous and scholarly presentations, along with a grand prize for best overall monograph.
     We will have a quiz on "Priory School."
     Because this has been a hit at our past Monograph's event, and it's more comfortable than corsets and suits, slip on your "Manor House" library attire (smoking jackets or loungeware... you get the picture).
     Don't forget our Sherlockian swap-meet. Bring your unwanted Sherlockiana to sell, trade or give away.

Price: $35.00 Member, $40.00 Non-Member
Please have your money to us no later than 04/01/2014
You may pay via Paypal to
Checks payable to Jerry or Chrys Kegley
Jerry & Chrys Kegley
18014 Sherman Way #275
Reseda, CA 91335

John O'Groats is located on the south side of Ventura Blvd. just west of Woodley. Free parking is available behind the restaurant. Enter off Woodley behind the Walgreens, proceed past the bank parking to the appropriate lot. Visit their web site for driving directions.


Soup or Salad:
Red Pepper Soup - puree of roasted red peppers with smoked mozzarella cheese.
Spring Mix - mixed greens, candied pecans and dried cranberries with a balsamic vinaigrette

Fish and Chips - Crispy golden batter on Icelandic haddock, served with crispy fries and mixed vegetables.
Yankee Pot Roast - Beef brisket, slow roasted and braised for hours in a rich brown sauce*
Chicken J. Scibelli - Marinated grilled chicken breast, served with soy citrus ginger sauce*
O'Groats Classic Burger - Fresh ground top round patty on toasted brioche bun with mustard, mayonaisse, iceburg lettuce and pickles (tomato onion and cheese upon request).
Served with crispy fries.

*Entrees served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans or petite peas.

Chocolate Blackout Cake - Layers of decadent dark chocolate cake, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts & rich fudge ganache icing.
Traditional Carrot Cake - With raisins, chopped walnuts and classic cream cheese frosting.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks & lemonade included.
A full service no-host bar will be available.

Please notify us of any dietary restrictions in advance.

The site has a full video (DVD) and sound system that can accommodate visual presentations (Powerpoint, etc.) run from a laptop.

Please note; email your monograph's title to for insertion in the event's program or call the Kegleys at (818) 675-5399

Sherlockian Swap Meet

Do you have a box of Sherlockian VHS tapes lying around? Perhaps it's a collection of comics, magazines, journals, T-shirts or extra copies of the Canon. It might even be the odd assortment of Sherlockian knick-knacks. Or maybe you're the collector looking to acquire any and all things wearing a deerstalker. If you're looking to unload or hoard, this is the place to bring your Sherlockiana to sell, trade, give away or buy. Let us know if you need a table for your wares.
As always at CCOBS events, Victorian costume is encouraged, but never mandatory.