The Löwenstein Report

The Gasfitters' Ball As we know, Sherlock Holmes was thought dead following his encounter in 1891 with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls.

In reality, Holmes was very much alive and proceeded to go on a three-year hiatus.  Our hiatus lasted only the one year, but, during that time, our friends and colleagues have traveled (at the very least, in their minds) to the very ends of the globe, bringing us their experiences and tastes.

This year's Gasfitters' Ball celebrated that "Great Hiatus" and welcomed those attending, who dressed and behaved in an appropriate manner.

The event was held at:

in Fullerton, California
on Saturday - November 3, 2007 -

     First of all, I would like to say that, given the distance and difficulties facing the officers and crew of The Curious Collectors of Baker Street, they did a great job furnishing the hall and making it ready for the Ball.
     It was an unfamiliar venue for most of them and there were many obstacles to overcome.
     Timing was also critical. They didn't have the wealth of time to set up and break down that was afforded them before.
     All in all, the Hall looked great, things were ready on time and the event proceeded relatively gracefully.
     There were some great costumes and Ball gowns, as you will see in the forthcoming photographs. The familiar band was there...
Philadelphia Quagrille Band

     ... and the music was grand, the dancers and dance leaders were at their best... In general, things went well

     Catering was by:
Park Place Catering
     The menu of:
Carved Baron of Beef, Au Jus & Horseradish Sauce
Boneless Breast of Chicken with Mushrooms
Potato au Gratin, Broccoli & Carrots
Fresh Fruit Salad - Tossed Green Salad
Dinner Rolls - Coffee - Tea - Lemonade

     was tasty, along with the Parlor and No-Host Bar serving beer, wine & champagne.

     If I have any criticism at all concerning the Ball, it would be about the catering... It wasn't as grand as we are used to...
     There was coffee, but there wasn't any tea... There also wasn't any real cream for them...
     There also wasn't the variety of nuts, candy and things that were usually placed about the Hall and parlor that we had in Pasadena...
     However, considering the lesser numbers of participants and the problems associated with putting on this event, these are minor complaints.
     We were assured that next year we were to be back in the Women's Club in Padadena and, I'm assuming, things may be back up to speed by then.

     On a finer note, there were cameras galore at the Ball and, although I'm sure that many much better photographs were taken, I have the pleasure of placing some of my meager collection on these pages...
     Please note that the small photos below can be "clicked" on to open up in a much larger version of that picture...
     Be forwarned, however, that the larger pictures are between 100 and 300 kilobytes in size and will take some time on a slower system to load properly... Enjoy and download/use them at your pleasure...

The Great Hall
The Great Hall - The Bandstand
Ready for the Ball !
I was told that it was larger than the one in Pasadena... It was decorated beautifully by Maggie and her co-horts...
The Bandstand

Colonel Sebastian Moran and the Mrs. Colonel Sebastian Moran and Mrs. Moran (portrayed eminently by Jerry and Chrys Kegley)...  You had to get by these gruff characters to even get into the Hall...

Ladies in waiting Ladies in waiting - Waiting, I'm assuming, to be registered for the Ball.
Also, the beginning of some of the wonderful Ball gowns that were to be seen at this years Ball.

Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms... The Great Factotem... The one who announces the guests at the entrance and keeps the clock and schedule for the various times of the events...
I think he borrowed his hat from either the Mad Hatter or "The Cat in the Hat."

IntroductionsIntroductions - One of the first of the couples to make their Grand Entrance and be announced by the Sergeant at Arms Introductions...

The Pergola of Prizes ! The Pergola of Prizes...
...and, some of the prizes...
To be awarded to some lucky person who achieves excellence in costuming, dancing, drinking... or just plain all-around arrogance!
The Prizes !

The Lady Moran The Colonel... and Lady Moran...
.Still guarding the gate!
The Colonel !

The Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Sheppard - "The Black Livingstone"
Minsister, Missionary, Explorer, Photojournalist.
with Mrs. Sheppard.

Prof. Darwin and Family Professor and Doctor Sir Charles Darwin and Family.

Darwin and Son.

Darwin and Son2

Colonel Moran - In a pensive Mood Colonel Moran - In a pensive Mood.

The Merry Wives The Merry Wives...

The Merry Wives Again.
The Merry Wives Again

A Rampant Scotsman

A Rampant Scotsman.

A Rose... and Roses A Rose... and Roses

Caught in the Act!

Caught in the Act!

The Quadrille Band Prepares The Quadrille Band Prepares

A Nice Pink Gown
A Nice Pink Gown
A Nice Pink Gown

Lady with Nice Gown and Friend Lady with Nice Pink Gown and Friend

Sarah and Friend
Sarah and the Sergeant
Sarah and Friends
Sarah - Making the Rounds

Murderer and Victim Murderer and Victim

Participants Involved in Gentle Conversation Participants Involved in Gentle Conversation

The Littlest Conductor The Band Begins to Play and the "Littlest Conductor" Gets Ready to Lead...

Another Couple Makes Their Entrance Another Couple Makes Their Entrance

The Captain Leads the Dance The Captain Leads the Dance

Couples in Fancy Dress Join the Dance Couples in Fancy Dress Join the Dance

Gown Malfunction in the Parlor Gown Malfunction in the Parlor

Couples in Gentle Conversation Before the Dance Couples in Gentle Conversation Before the Dance

A Nice Couple Standing Near the Bandstand... and, of Course, Her Royal Majesty ! A Nice Couple Standing Near the Bandstand...
and, of Course, Her Royal Majesty !

People Engaged in Conversation Between Dances

People Engaged in Conversation Between Dances

Some More Nice Gows
Some More Nice Gowns
Some More Nice Gowns

Couples Talking After Dessert
Couples Talking After Dessert
Couples Talking After Dessert

Couple Deciding Whether to Dance the Last Waltz Couple Deciding Whether to Dance the Last Waltz

After The Last Waltz,

After The Last Waltz, "The Gang" Gets Ready to Clean Up...
(Robert Schpak, hiding from camera - Chuck Kovacic - Maggie Schpak - Jerry Kegley)

"After the Ball is Over," it was a Grand Affair...
Everyone is happy and had a good time...
the "Belle of the Ball" Prepares to Depart...

And... yes, there were videos... Not very Victorian you say?  Well just think of them as silent home movies... in colour!  Here is the first of them... more to come--- (click here - "The Littlest Conductor" at work.)

Note:  As you can see, there is much information left out... Lots of space is available for identification, comments, etc.  I would appreciate it if anyone who has further information concerning the participants character names and true names to send comments, praises, complaints to:

Thank You, Prof. H. Lowenstein (J.P. Van Gordon)    

Gasfitters' Report in English
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