Adventure of the Face in the Crowd
Clews to the Mystery

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CCOBS "Mystery" A FACE IN THE CROWD                                     Saturday, November 3, 2012

Please remember to bring your cell phone, clues will be given during the event. Also bring copies of any clues you may have received via mail, e-mail, or phone, these may be very important to the outcome of the mystery.
Attention Mystery Attendees; If you have not sent me your cell phone number you are and will be missing out on important clues!
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Dear Detectives,
Our story is based upon facts that may sound rather improbable upon their telling. The NSA, (National Security Agency) has been directed by Congress to study different approaches to identifying criminal activities and to prevent terrorist acts. One approach has been "crowd sourcing," where randomly selected people would be tested to determine answers to questions posed in "real time." It has been adapted for facial recognition programs and a possible use for "real time" merchandising tailored to each individual as portrayed in the motion picture "Minority Report." Hence, the interest in locating such a group at the Grove. Our guests have become a part of that study. But why?

The government has located 70 "fusion centers" across the country. These sites are empowered to respond to possible disasters, natural and otherwise, without waiting for input from their Washington agencies. Such a site with similar activity is located in Wiltshire, England, code named PORTON DOWN. Such a center may have been proposed for the Grove. But by who or whom?

Many of the clues to be found have a direct "canonical" reference. 1 point is to be awarded to each participant who properly identifies that connection. 1 point is to be given for receiving a stamp from the (six) detectives to be found outside at the Grove and inside at the Farmers Market. 1 point is to be given for each guest that has brought with them one of the mailed, e-mailed or phoned clues. 1 point is to be given for identifying photo locations. 1 point is to be given for identifying each Canonical reference. The participant with the highest total will win the grand prize of the Kindle.

Remember, you are a detective, and it is up to you to glean additional information regarding clues you receive in any manner available to you. Use your imagination and think outside the box, we might be dressing in Victorian garb but all the convinces of modern living are at your disposal.

Check back to this page from time to time as information will be updated and additional clues will be forthcoming prior to the event.

CCOBS "Mystery" A FACE IN THE CROWD                                     Part 2

As reported in Wired Magazine, the NSA is building the largest spy center in the country in Bluffdale, Utah.   When completed, its mission will be to sift through the billions of calls, email, Google searches, and personal data trails like travel itineraries, book purchases and other digital "pocket litter."  The surveillance program is code named STELLAR WIND.

Located near Wiltshire, England, Porton Down is a government and military "science park." It continues to study biological warfare and even took part in human experimentation as servicemen were duped into volunteering for research.   It also conducts CROWD SOURCING programs.  The site was inspiration for the facility shown in the BBC "Sherlock" presentation of the Baskerville story.  A primary operative is identified only as "J."

CCOBS "Mystery" A FACE IN THE CROWD                                     Part 3
Location of PORTON DOWN
Contact "J": Wiltshire, England
Additional information available... suggest computer search.
Possible STELLAR WIND compromised by Holmes in BASKERVILLE STUDY

View film shopping mall sequence with Tom Cruise in shopping mall, first half of Spielberg film.
Rich Caruso ACE/CS proposal for designated Los Angeles center: #71/RCG.LA

Study Grant available.
NASA, Lewis Research Center, Cleveland     FUSION CENTER, Orlando

CCOBS "Mystery" A FACE IN THE CROWD                                     Part 4
Designated for Bluffdale, Utah. Approved by "J"
Holmes surveillance necessary

To commence 11/3/12
Confirmed by "J", designated area only.

To commence 11/3/12     CROWD SOURCING/Study Proposal: reference #71/RCG.LA

                                                                                                    Good luck and good hunting,