Blackguards Banquet
Lon Chaney

All Hallows Eve Carnival of Crime

oin your host the Professor (if you know what's good for you) and his band of merry miscreants as we once again celebrate the villains and villainy within the Sherlockian Canon.
     You'll have a fun filled evening of games, good food and great fun!
     We are planning to bring out some of the best of the past 22 years of "Curious" games with such blasts from the past as "This Blown House,"   "Sniff My Boot,"   "The Dundas Teeth Toss," and many more!
     We've also incorporated a "Victorian Hallowe'en" theme into the proceedings with prize medals awarded to the "King and Queen of Thieves" (best costume male & female) along with a prize for best Hallowe'en masque.
     Dress as your favourite canonical villain, or any fictional or imaginary villain, monster, ghoul, or creepy thing that goes bump in the night and enjoy more food, fun and frivolity than any member of Moriarty's organization ought to have!

A Word About our Theme

     This year's "Blackguard's Banquet - All Hallow's Eve Carnival of Crime" gives you the opportunity to use your imagination in creating a costume and/or masque to celebrate villains and villainy.
     Travel back to the fog enshrouded, gas lit streets of Victoria's London and assume the visage of one of the many rogues, scoundrels, monsters, femme fatales or personalities found in the pages of history, or in the works of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells or the Sherlockian Canon to name but a few.
     Join a vast array of Victorian characters from England and the far corners of the universe as we celebrate a "Victorian Hallowe'en."   Be inventive! (You may come as any character - preferably villains - from the Sherlockian Canon or any historical or fictional character of the age).   We ask that your costume/masque adhere to our Victorian roots and predates 1912.   This does not mean  Science Fiction is not a strong possibility as "Steampunk" costumes.
     Queen Victoria herself was quite fond of fancy dress and her personal interest in British history and desire for authenticity resulted in the popularity of historical characters and historical themes for Fancy Dress balls during much of the 19th Century.

     We will be awarding prizes for best costume (male & female) including the crowning of the "King and Queen of Thieves."
     Also a prize will be awarded to the creator of the "Best Masque."   Masquerade masques can be made in a number of styles, including half-face masques that attach to the face or around the back of the head, or those that are held in place by a stick attached to the masque.
     Use your creativity and have fun! Your masque can be simple or elaborate, it's up to you, but if you're so inclined go wild!

Click on above for a universe of Masques

     If you're familiar with the Blackguards you know it's all about fun at the expense of the Master. We have games, games, games! Some old favourites like "Colonel Moran's Shooting Gallery"   "Black Peter's Pig Sticking" and "Engineer's Thumb" along with some new surprises as well. We will have a special prize for the villian that proves he or she is the top Blackguard. Toasts will be delivered, classic horror movies shown, presentations made and other surprises are in store along with the always popular "Canonical Conundrum" quiz on how well you know your villains, criminals and criminal acts to round out the event.


Note 1; This is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly for a cooler evening. Also there are steps and uneven ground to contend with, hoop-skirts or high heels could be problematic! Victorian costume is encouraged but not mandatory.

Note 2; We may have cold, inclement, even rainy weather. In the event of rain we ask that you include an e-mail address or phone number with your RSVP so we may contact you in the event of a cancellation.
     Your monies will be refunded or applied to a future event at your discretion.

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