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Gasfitters' Ball



he Victorian age was one of innocence and splendor, which we will never see again. Those attending the 2015 Gasfitters’ Ball have the opportunity to recapture some of that adventure and enchantment.
     Travel back to the fog enshrouded, gas lit streets of Victorian London and assume one of the many personalities found in the pages of history, or in the Sherlockian Canon.
     Join a vast array of Victorian personalities from England and the far corners of the Empire as we celebrate "A Black & Bling Ball." Be inventive! (You may come as any character from the Sherlockian Canon or any historical or fictional character of the age). We ask that you attend the Ball in Victorian formal attire. This is your chance to pull out all the stops and go "over the top." Tails, toppers, tiaras, and coronets. Bangles, baubles, bling and gowns. Make it work and have fun.
     Note: This is not a requirement for participation. Your character selection must accompany your reservation.

Ball Price
( * Current year CCOBS dues paying member)

All monies must be received no later than November 4th
Tickets are by advance purchase only!
Make checks payable and mail to:
Jerry & Chrys Kegley
18014 Sherman Way #275
Reseda, Ca 91335

Pay via PayPal to:
Information: Jerry & Chrys Kegley
(818) 675-5399 or (818) 675-5581
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Dance Couple

2015 Gasfitters’ Ball
5:30 PM Saturday, November 7, 2015
Sparr Heights Community Center
1613 Glencoe Way, Glendale, CA 91208

Street Parking

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2015’s Ball Theme is "A Black & Bling Ball." Be inventive! You may come as any canonical character from any of the 60 stories comprising the Sherlockian Canon. Or you may attend as any Victorian/Edwardian personage (historical or fictional). All costumes must pre-date 1915. We do ask that you attend in Victorian Formal wear or a costume befitting the rank and station of your chosen character.

This year, prizes are awarded for the following:
Best Costume (Male & Female)
Best Dancers (Male & Female)
A King and Queen of the Ball
will be appointed.

Please Note: there will be no dressing on site;
please be in costume upon arrival.

A dinner and dessert buffet will be served
No-host cash bar: Beer, Wine and Champagne only.

Time Line
(Subject to change)

5:30 P.M. Hall Opens
6:45 P.M. Dinner
8:00 P.M. Dancing Begins Set 1
10:30 P.M. Dancing Ends/Hall Closes


he Gasfitters' Ball, "Black and Bling Ball," will be a formal dress ball; period dress is, of course, encouraged, but is by no means mandatory. For non-period wear, dress should be as you would to attend a lavish party.
     Expect to see ladies and gentlemen in ball attire from eras spanning the Civil War (1860s) through High Victorian/Edwardian eras (1912), which is in keeping with the overall spirit of the Gasfitters' Ball.

     The attire in which a Victorian gentleman could present himself in a ballroom was strictly defined. We are changing that definition and expanding what is considered acceptable. For this Ball anything goes, if you've got it flaunt it!
     You can never go wrong with white tie and tails. The modern style has some differences in cut from the Victorian style, but our costume judges are not the Victorian fashion police -- and modern tails are easy to obtain and set the right tone.
     Period military, as well as 19th Century day wear (Frock coats, sack suits, etc.) are acceptable alternatives. Another suggestion is a modern tux or a nice conservative suit and tie.
     In Victoria's day excess of jewelry on men would not be worn. This is where we change the norm in a BIG way. Get flashy and dress to excess: jeweled studs, ornate sleeve-links, and a watch chain—massive with fancy charms and appendages. Medals, sashes, orders and awards. It don't mean a thing if you don't wear your bling!

     The "Victorian Era" provides a vast number of choices of style and cut, and we do not specify a particular year, decade or form. Hoops, bustles and any number of other styles can be found at the Gasfitters' Ball.

     A few ideas are:
Formal evening wear from about 1860 to about 1912
Day wear from the same period
Modern evening wear that incorporates a long dress
     Ladies, this is your chance to be the Queens and Divas you've always wanted to be. Bedazzle and bejewel yourselves in your finest from head to toe. Tiaras, crowns, bangles, earrings, brooches and fine gowns that would make the finest of gentlemen-jewel-thieves apoplectic.

     By all means GO BIG and have FUN!