Blustering Gales Annual Video Day

On: Saturday, March 10, 2018. Meet and greet at 12 NOON.
These will be TV offerings (see P. 2) and will (hopefully) begin promptly at 1pm.
At: The home of Pat Wrobleski, 14403 Budlong Ave,
Gardena, CA 90247 Ph#: (310) 323-2788 (see directions below)

     As per last month’s planning session, we are following through on 2 points:
Gales SH Video Day      Point 1 is the continuance of having quizzes on stories whose plots do not immediately jump to mind. Case in point, check this list of the last 10 from the most recent stories back and see how many plots you now recognize today: The Reigate Squires, The Engineer’s Thumb, The Stockbrocker’s Clerk, The Retired Colourman, Shoscombe Old Place, The Lion’s Mane, The Three Garridebs, The Sussex Vampire, The Mazarin Stone, and The Gloria Scott. We have chosen THE THREE STUDENTS (3STU) for this month.

     Point 2 concerns the menu. We found an early attempt from 20 years ago, in 1998, regarding the search for an ethnicity as regards food in our story of the day. Unfortunately, where The Greek Interpreter (Greek) and The Six Napoleons (French) are obvious, others are not that well defined. In the case of THE THREE STUDENTS (3STU) , it wasn’t clear.

     Carol started by checking The Sherlock Holmes Cookbook by John Farrell & Sean Wright. There are suggested recipes, by story, in the latter part of the book. This story offered: Soames’ Scones, and Bannister’s Beef Olives & Sausages (while calling for a High Tea). Then she skimmed the adventure looking for any reference to a beverage or side dish, etc. There was nothing until the final paragraph which said that “…our breakfast awaits us at home. Come, Watson.”

     So, in making those dishes work, this will be a Modified Potluck affair – please bring your normal food choices - with additional “Breakfast Scones and Jam (from Van, our Tea Master) and the Beef Olives and Breakfast Sausages (by George, our Culinary Artist).” The Gales will also provide paper goods and plasticware, tea, punch, soft drinks, and coffee.

     We hope you will appreciate these efforts.

     Our program will offer Sherlock-based episodes from favorite TV shows – some you may have seen; some you may have missed. As they enter, attendees will be given a ballot from which they can vote for their favorites. We would need an entire day to watch them all, so I would like to show more of them later in the year when we have the Book Swap Day/Morton Play Rehearsal on Saturday, May 26th.

     Although I would like to surprise you with the choices we have amassed, and just for fun, I will be giving you some clues as to the names of prominent actors you will see. The following are NOT shows you will see, but these 2 films each were plucked from the biographies of actors IN the shows we are offering. With the fancies of our members in mind, I tried to pick either “mystery” or “science fiction” credits:

     James Bond/Mars Attacks, Ellery Queen/Wonder Woman; Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan/The Mark of Zorro; The Thin Man/Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (with Basil Rathbone); Justice League Action/The Librarians; Hamlet’s Ghost/Agatha Christie’s The Man in the Brown Suit; Tarzan/Wonder Woman; Singing in the Rain/Alice in Wonderland; The Man From U.N.C.L.E./Kolchak: The Night Stalker; Burke’s Law/Phineas & Ferb, the Movie; Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes/Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Amanda Teagarden Mysteries/Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye; and the son of the man who played in Cyrano de Bergerac/The Fifth Musketeer (a well-known star in his own right).

Please coordinate with Pat at: (310) 323-2788 or Carol at: (310) 676-7494



     The house is between Normandie and Vermont, on Budlong, just south of Rosecrans, on the west side of the street.
     If using the 110 fwy (nearest one), take the freeway to the Rosecrans exit and go West to the first stoplight after Vermont, which is Budlong. Turn left and go past the apartments to the first white frame house on the right at 14403 Budlong Ave.
     If coming from other directions, just follow Rosecrans East or West to Budlong (near Vermont) and turn South to 14403.

See you soon !