The Blustering Gales

The Blustering Gales from the South-West
Who are The Blustering Gales from the South-West?

Officially recognized as a Scion Society of the Baker Street Irregulars in January, 1978, they took their name from a passage in The Adventure of the Devil's Foot, whose Cornish coastal setting in South-West England bears a resemblance to the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, where the Blustering Gales originated.

Among the local scions, the Gales occupy a point midway between informal and structured, alternating casual get-togethers at a member's home with teas, theatre parties, picnics and an annual banquet, often featuring a mystery writer guest.

Holmes In recent years, the Gales have celebrated the anniversary of the Devil's Foot in late March by hosting an all-day conference featuring panels, presentations and entertainment covering many aspects of Sherlockiana.

The Gales have two unofficial sub-scions: The James Phillimore Society, our long-established science fiction/fantasy branch (not to be confused with the official scion of professional magicians of that name); and The Lyceum Loungers, for devotees of mystery theatre.

The Blustering Gales publish The Zippy Zephyr, a monthly bulletin announcing their upcoming events. Their literary journal, The Poldhu Bay Breeze, includes news, pastiches, essays and other Sherlockian literature.

The Gales have attractive club pins available for sale with special discounts for members.

Present dues are $20 per household per year. Interested parties may inquire for information and sample newsletters at no charge. Contact:

The Blustering Gales
Apt. # 401, 435 West 8th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

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