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"Left Coast" - It's a Crime!
says pundit Sterndale
Sterndale - in a tizzy!
     Sterndale, owner of the famous Crystal Cave and world renown Sorceress of Mysteries will speak this weekend at the "Left Coast" version of the "Crime Convention."
     Exactly what she will speak on and whom she shall "do-in" at this year's event is still a Mystery!
     Let's all give her a hearty cheer, a hearty butter-beer and a robust round of applause as she wends her way up to the podium.

     In a lighter note: her "Mother Goose & Grimm's Fairy Tale Book" is still high on the charts and climbing. Once thought to be merely a speck on the great wall of literature, it has turned out to be the "Great Wall of Graffitti" of its time!

Mistress Maryellen - flying about!
   Mistress Maryellen, the famous Bird Wizard will also be attending. Although she will probably not be mounting the speaker's platform, she promises to purchase every magic book on the subject of Bird Mysteries to add to her already insurmountable collection.
   She not only is known far and wide to be a master of Vogeltongue, the language of mystical birdlife, but has been known, on occasion, to vent her wrath, in a proper wizardly way, of course, by turning all who vex her into twittering idiots... or budgies, depending on her mood.
   So, while enjoying and commenting on her mastery of bird tongues, be careful not to get on her bad side... or in front of her wand... or you might end up in a cage!

Rita Skeeter's Column
Rita Skeeter's Cryptic Column
   Hello, it's Rita Skeeter again, your Wandering Witch of Hogsmeade with another dish of dirt for all my fans out there.
   Well, that rascally rabbit, Harry Potter has done it once again... He has managed to hex most of the city and it's still raining cats, dogs and werewolves.
   He has been seen lately in this vicinity and is suspected he will turn up at the convention. Who knows what dastardly deeds he has cooked up for us this time.
   All members of the event are forewarned to be on the lookout for people... and wizards suddenly turning into frogs, gnomes and what-all!

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