Silver Jubilee
Il Fornaio Restaurante
Silver Jubilee Report
Dan Lambert

The Blustering from the South-West held their Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration on October 12, 2002 in the South Loggia room of the Il Fornaio Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.
It was a well -attended event with many colorful and interesting participants, as you shall see... South Loggia
Sterndale, Paula Salo Paula Salo The waiter at Il Fornaio confers with our Sterndale, Paula Salo, about the possibility of offering the Gales the little-known "Scion Discount," as Queen Victoria looks on.
Len Moffat prepares to read his poem "Mustering the Blustering Gales," as Radix J.P. "Van" Gordon does roadie work. Len Moffat
Paula Salo Sterndale Paula Salo begins her dissertation on "Twenty-Five Blustering Years."
Our Diaboli, Carol Sperling, presents her paper on "The James Phillimore Society and the Lyceum Loungers." Carol Sperling
Lyn Moran Lyn Moran educates us on "Holmes and the Cornish Gales."
Rick and Jackie Hennig add elegance to the evening's proceedings. Rick and Jackie Hennig
Karen Anderson Karen Anderson discusses "The Sherlock Holmes Science Fiction / Fantasy Connection."
Two of the guest speakers from our Jubilee, Karen Anderson and Mel Gilden. Karen
  Anderson and Mel Gilden
Warren James and Mel Gilden Warren James and Mel Gilden interview each other at our October 12, 2002 Silver Jubilee.
Midway through the evening, Dan Lambert, Jackie Hennig, and Rick Hennig found themselves trapped in a cosmic wormhole and transported to the late nineteenth century. Note the vintage attire. Dan
  Lambert, Jackie and Rick  Hennig
Warren James and Sherlock  Holmes Warren James interviews Sherlock Holmes (who looks suspiciously like Chuck Kovacic), as two lovely Victorian ladies (looking suspiciously like Maryellen and Beth) frame the picture nicely.
Chuck Kovacic, as Sherlock Holmes, narrates a slideshow presentation on his 221-B Baker Street sitting room, as Chris discovers the eldritch horrors of Il Fornaio's little-known "coffee tax." Il  Fornaio's little-known coffee tax.

Victorian Attire The first meeting of the group that became the Blustering Gales from the South-West was held in February 1977. In January 1978, they were recognized by the Baker Street Irregulars as a scion society of that worthy organization. - Thus 2002 may be considered the 25th year of our scion and the Blustering Gales and was celebrated with a Silver Jubilee. It was a festive dinner with a retrospective of the highlights of our 25 years, special guest speakers, souvenirs, surprises and entertainment.
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